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Hurricane season has arrived, are you ready?

We do live in beautiful sunny Florida, but one of the things that come with the territory would be Hurricanes.

Colorado State University's forecast that this year there will be eight major storms for 2010. As prepared as you might try to be, things happen! Water damage is a common situation most South Florida residents struggle with every year.

Water Damage is a destructive process that leads to rotting wood, growth, rusting and carpet damage. Here at Extreme Steam we specialize in the removal and drying of wood floors, carpets, walls, ceilings, basements, and crawl spaces.

All of our work is performed to the highest standards in the industry and we respond immediately to any Water Damage restoration because we realize that time is of the essence when it come to water damage, especially in our beautiful sunny south Florida.

Don’t Know Who To Call For Sewage Removal?

Exposure to Sewage and Bio-Hazardous material can pose serious health problems and consequences. Our sewer damage and removal services are designed to provide you with quick and safe removal of any Bio-Hazardous waste. Extreme Clean is ready to fight the waste with the latest technologies and equipment to turn your tainted areas back into safe livable zones.

Extreme Steam has no fear of any Sewage Removal job - big, small, ugly, or smelly.

Our Steps

1) Sewage Removal and Extraction of damaged items.

2) Bio-washing combined with the application of mil decide, anti fungal, and antimicrobial agents

3) Floor, ceiling, wall, basement, and crawl space drying and dehumidifying

4) Sewage damage restoration returns things to the way they were before the flooding.

We take the time to excavate all the sewage material that you need removed. We may even find some you never knew you had! Extreme Clean is the Best Miami Sewage Removal Company in the city! Call today for an estimate.

Babies and Carpet 101

There have been a lot of misconceptions when it comes down to babies and carpet cleaning. No worries! Miami Carpet Cleaning is here to save the day.

Anyone with a child, whether you have a new born or a toddler have probably worried or wondered about baby safe floor cleaners. Here are a few facts that you will probably find interesting:

  According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)

1.      The recommendation or frequency of Carpet Cleaning for a home with a young child with standard living conditions is every 6 months.


2.      A home that has a young child with standard living conditions in a High Humidity climate (like Miami, FL) is every three months.


3.      The recommendation or frequency of Carpet Cleaning for a home has a young child and pets with standard living conditions is every three months.


4.       A home that has a young child and pets with standard living conditions in a High Humidity climate (like Miami, FL) is every two months.

Here at Extreme Steam we offer Clean Green products with NON-Toxic chemicals. In doing so we keep your home clean and free from bacteria so your carpet looks fabulous any your baby is safe to crawl around with out you worried about its safety, at least from the carpets cleanliness stand point!

Not on my Carpet!
Everything from new pets to a spilled glass of wine, accidents do happen! And we understand that here at Extreme Steam.

 We offer top of the line equipment and environmentally safe cleaning substances that will leave your carpets shining with its original glory restored.

 Carpet floors have always been a fan favorite when it’s come down to home owners choice. Carpets do everything from adding character and color to a room, to that comfort that can only come from walking around barefoot on a plush carpet.

 Your carpet is something that is apart of your everyday life at home, so why not take care of it the way it should be? With a routine cleaning you are removing unwanted guests like dust mites, and many other pollutants from your home. Not to mention the routing cleaning keeps your carpet in pristine conditions so that it can stay in commission for years to come!

Carpet Cleaning with Eco Friendly Products
Maintaining carpet is as easy as a phone call away. Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions aren’t always the solution for those in need of clean carpets. The unfortunate part about having Carpet is it often gets dirty quickly, fortunately carpet is also cleaned and restored back to new quicker than it accumulated it’s dirty coating.

By using Green Methods incorporating steam and industrial vacuums that are designed to especially suck up the dirt and water chemical free solutions are used to lift dirt and grime organically. Natural carpet cleaning remedies using Green Solutions help to keep carpets soft and new the same way the day. Clean Carpet goes beyond appearance. A series of EPA studies have shown that chemically contaminated carpet dust can be a significant source of chemical exposure for infants, toddlers, seniors and family pets. Not only are they more susceptible to the unhealthy affects of low-level exposure to chemicals, toddlers also tend to be exposed to a higher level of chemicals from carpet dust because they frequently put their hands in their mouths as they explore the world around them.

Most carpet cleaning is conducted with the sole goal of improving the appearance of the carpet. We define a thorough carpet cleaning not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of hygiene, safety and benefits to indoor air quality! We believe in source removal not aesthetically pleasing quick fixes.
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Any Size, Any Time, Any Place

Extreme Steam can take on Any Job, Any Size, Any Time, Anywhere. Water Removal and Drying of floors, carpets, walls, wood, and ceilings are performed to the highest standards in the industry. Our equipment is continuously upgraded to advanced technology.

Best Price Guaranteed

Extreme Steam will beat any competitors written estimate. Many Cleaners will advertise a minimum rate that does not exist, Extreme Steam will never make up fictitious expenses once on site.

Green Carpet Cleaning

If you are considering cleaning green you should know what to look for in a green carpet cleaner. Its no mystery that heat and vacuum play an important role in how your carpet becomes clean and how fast it will dry. These 2 components are important in a Green Clean.

Service Area

Our Offices cover the South Florida tri-county area.
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