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What’s In My Mattress?
Maybe you’ve never thought about it but having your mattresses cleaned regularly helps improve air quality, remove allergens, and remove contaminants. Professional mattress cleaning every six months helps remove a variety of indoor allergens including mold, mildew, pollen spores, and fungi. The Environmental Protection Agency has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health, and according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, "50 percent of all illnesses are caused by or aggravated by polluted indoor air."

The culprit in most indoor allergen cases is the common house mite. Dust mites antagonize those with asthma and other upper respiratory conditions. The fecal matter of the dust mites is what causes allergic reactions and upper respiratory problems. At .3mm in length with pounds of skin cells to feed off of between families in households a year that leaves tons of food for dust mites and endless fecal matter floating through your home.

 Have your mattress cleaned every six months to minimize the level of dust mites in your home. Professional mattress cleaning is also great for removing stains and refreshing your home. What better than an almost brand-new mattress to sleep on?


Air Duct Cleaning- Make Sure You’re Breathing Clean!
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that Air Duct Cleaning may be a great move towards your health in preventing mold and various debris from clogging your air -flow and disbursing allergens throughout your home or office.

 Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing. Don’t know what any of that means? Well it makes sense you get everything double checked to make sure they are not housing any unwanted debris that is being cycled through your air.

 If not properly installed, maintained, and operated, these components may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (e.g., mold) is increased and spores from such growth may be released into the home's living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people if they are exposed to them.-US EPA

What Vacuum Should I Buy?

You may not be new to the world of cleaning, but maybe you need help with selecting the right tool for your particular carpet. Didn’t know it made a difference? Well good thing you took the time to do a little bit of research! First consider the job you need to do. Are you going to be vacuuming your family room or the entire house? Do you want an all in one upright vacuum or one of those canister types with hoses and different hose attachments? (Some uprights include hose attachments as well)

Upright vacuums are great if you intend to leave it on one level of the house. They will also make vacuuming easier if you have problems with bending and lifting. However, canister vacuums will give you a little more freedom and ease of handling for those tight spots. If you have a long staircase to consider, the canister type may be more suited, as the upright hose will have its limitations, and balancing an upright on a stair is not very graceful.

Another factor to take into mind is whether or not your vacuum has a bag or chamber that can be emptied. Sometimes the constant buying of vacuum bags can get annoying. It’s also a troublesome feat if you accidentally suck up something that shouldn’t have been. The decision is up to you, but make sure your final choice is the one that will make your cleaning time as easy and stress free as possible.

Wool Carpet Advice

Lucky you, wool carpets are beautiful and functional. Since wool is a natural fiber, it naturally resists (not entirely but for the most part) by keeping dirt and dust close to the surface where it can be sucked up by regular vacuuming. However, wool does stain easily and permanently if the stains are not removed quickly, thoroughly and most importantly with appropriate cleaning products.

If you wait until your wool carpet is over-soiled then it will be extremely difficult to restore your carpet. By having a professional clean it every 1-2 years you can extend the life of your carpet as well as promote a healthier, cleaner environment.

When you vacuum in between professional cleaning visits make sure that you vacuum slowly. Not everyone enjoys taking his or her time while vacuuming and often like to get the chore done as quickly as possible, but taking your time allows the vacuum to penetrate the surface and suck up a substantial amount of debris.  For a greater effect, make sure that the vacuum you are using has brushes that barely touch the carpet. This will not slow down the motor and in addition will help prevent fuzzing due to minimal friction breaking the fibers on the top of the rug or carpet.

Be sure to never use bleach on your wool carpet or other products -with a high level pH. The genetic build up of wool will cause it to dissolve. If you are unsure of your carpet cleaners but you would like to test your product, use a bit of the cleaner on the outer edge of your carpet. This way if anything happens negatively you didn’t cause a giant splotch in the center of your beautiful carpet. Though you will manage to keep your carpet clean with regular upkeep it is important to routinely call in professionals to deep clean your wool carpets.

Make Sure You Vacuum!

Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet by preventing a buildup of gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers. Every few weeks, take a little extra time and use your crevice tool for cleaning around baseboards and radiators and in other hard-to-reach places.

To vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting, divide the floor into quadrants and vacuum an entire quadrant before moving on to the next. Take your time when you vacuum a carpet, especially a plush carpet in which dirt is sure to be deeply embedded. One pass with a high-powered upright is not enough. Go over each section of carpeting several times, and work slowly to allow the suction to remove all the ground-in dust and dirt.

Pay special attention to the areas where people sit and move their feet. Vacuum these areas of heavy traffic with a crisscross pattern of overlapping strokes. 

Common Carpet Cleaning Home Errors

Carpet cleaning involves two main factors. Prevention and accident first aid! Sometimes you can save the carpet by making sure you don’t make some of these common errors.

Never rub rashly and carelessly at a carpet stain, this may only cause it to smear and become permanent. Also, doing this will weaken the fiber causing your carpet to wear out quicker.

Stains that are not treated well often reappears at the surface of your carpet. You may have thought you've cleaned the stain, but soon after you'll see the same making its way to the surface of your rug. To prevent this, cover the stain with a thick cloth and weigh down with something heavy overnight, allowing the cloth to absorb the stain, then, clean as usual.

Never use an iron or a hair dryer to dry a carpet stain, this will only seal the stain permanently on your rug.

Make sure to steam clean or deep clean the carpet as often as needed. To have a clean carpet, you need to have it either cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner or you will need to use a deep cleaning machine. You will find more tips on how to purchase a deep cleaning machine online as well. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to each of these choices. The point is that a thorough cleaning will be needed at the very least every six months to a year.

The Basics

Rugs deserve the same care as wall-to-wall carpet and, in some cases, require special attention.

Washing rugs — If your rug is small and the label says “machine washable,” shake the rug outside first and then put it in the washing machine at the recommended temperature. Use warm water (90 to 105 degrees) and a mild detergent. Tumble your rug dry at the lowest heat setting.

Beating larger rugs — If your larger rug is easy to pick up, shake it outside first; then put it over a clothesline and beat it. Next, take the rug inside and vacuum it. If the label says dry clean only, then roll it up and take it to a dry cleaner. Save time and aggravation by calling first to see if the cleaner does rug cleaning — many do not.

Vacuuming area rugs — Area rugs with fringe require special technique. Use gentle suction and start from the center of the carpet, vacuuming toward the fringe and being careful not to catch the strands in the beater bar. Lift the carpet edge to vacuum beneath the fringe.

Caring for Oriental, Turkish or Persian rugs — Clean imported rugs according to your carpet manufacturer’s specifications or bring in a professional cleaning service. Be gentle with fringe. For heirloom-type rugs, you need professionals.

Carpet Upkeep

Carpet cleaning is just like exercise! If you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it. And understanding the right way to clean carpet will help you save time by doing it correctly the first time with products that do the job right from the start. Not only will Seal of Approval cleaning products help keep your carpet looking great, they can also help meet the warranty requirements of the carpet manufacturer. Below are three simple steps to keeping your carpet clean and looking great:

Vacuum at the right frequency with a CRI-approved vacuum.

Clean spots and stains quickly. Products that do not damage the carpet or cause it to re-soil quicker.

Professionally deep clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime.

Preventing dirt and grime from getting on the carpet in the first place is a great way to start keeping it clean. The following helpful hints can stop dirt in its tracks.

Use mats — Outdoor and indoor mats or runners can reduce the amount of dirt that enters the house.

Take off your shoes — You can save wear and tear on carpet by asking everyone  to take off his or her shoes before entering your home.

Change your air filters — Change air filters in your heating and air-conditioning systems as recommended by the manufacturer’s directions. The more dust and particles removed by the filter, the less that fall on the carpet.

Fix Up Your Carpet

Two of the most common fix ups that make a grand difference are for Water Damage Restoration and Odor Removal aside from the regular carpet shampoo.

Water Damage Restoration: Perhaps the most difficult problem to fix is exposure to water, particularly in the form of flooding. You may be able to save your carpet if you act promptly. Eliminate the source of the water, ventilate the room as best you can, set up as many fans as you possibly can, and immediately contact us to restore your carpet and save it from water logging.

Odor Removal: Whether as a result of flood or more insidious exposure to water or moisture, a foul odor is notoriously difficult to get rid of. You can't simply cover up or eliminate most carpet odors with conventional methods. Call in the commercial grade machinery for the removal of heavy moisture saturation. If we are unable to salvage your carpet due to the formation of mold we will recommend you replace your carpet for sanitary reasons.

Extend the life of your carpet and refresh your rooms with a carpet cleaning tailored to your needs.

Carpet Shampooing

A carpet cleaning doesn't just improve the appearance of your carpets, it drastically extends their life as well. All that dirt and grime doesn't just look bad, it wears and tears at your carpet fibers over the years. Furthermore, the more it works its way into your carpet, the more damage it's going to do. By scheduling a carpet cleaning once a year, you can rest easy that damaging dirt and debris buildup will be kept to a minimum. In fact, many new carpet manufacturers require regular cleanings if you want your warranty to remain valid. They've caught on as well. The cleaner your carpet stays, the less they'll have to pay out for carpeting that doesn't live up their bidding.

Think about all the things that come into contact with your carpet over the course of a year and longer. Mud and dirt are only the beginning. Food spills, pet stains and odors, and whatever else you track in on your shoes, is soiling your carpet on a daily basis. Especially if you've got children making the rounds, thinking about all the foreign material that's lodged in your carpet can make you want to quarantine them to the hardwood. Scheduling regular carpet cleanings takes care of the problem and means this is one less thing you'll have to concern yourself with.

Super Carpet Cleaning

Over time, carpets become soiled or stained, which not only spoils their look, they also may also have an odor or be unhygienic.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how much wear a carpet gets from children, pets, family members and other sources. If you have a family with both children and pets, your carpet will require cleaning more often than a family with no children or pets.

 Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses extremely hot water combined with a carpet cleaning solution, which you apply to the carpet. Very hot water then rinses and removes the dirty water solution from the carpet. When done professionally, truck mounted units clean more thoroughly than the portable cleaning units do.

If your carpet is extremely dirty, a useful piece of carpet cleaning advice is to have your carpet cleaned professionally. You can extend the life of your carpet by taking proper care of it. By removing stains quickly and regular carpet cleaning, you will enjoy your carpet for many years.

Hygiene is of course an important aspect to make sure you take care of especially if you have young children who are crawling around on the floor. There are many microscopic pests that live in carpet. Get your carpet cleaned to freshen up your room and lifestyle.

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