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Five Reasons Why You Should Think About Buying a Steam Mop

Five Reasons Why You Should Think about Buying a Steam Mop

 Here are five reasons to gear you on the right direction on why we at Extreme Steam Prefer a steam mop over the traditional mops for inbetween professional cleaning.

  1. Safe for You and Your Family – Because they use only water to clean your floors, they are safe for the environment, pets, and your family. You eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and cleaning products, yet your floors will still be clean and sanitized.
  2. More Effective Than a Traditional Mop – A steam mop will actually clean more effectively than a traditional mop. In addition to removing dirt and stains from your floor, a steam mop will also remove bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens.
  3. Safe for All Cleaning Surfaces – Steam mops are safe for almost all cleaning surfaces, including hardwood floors and laminate flooring. Traditional mops may leave excess water on the floor that will warp the floors and possibly ruin them.
  4. Easy to Use – For individuals with back problems, the use of a steam mop will reduce the amount of strain placed on your back muscles. Many steam mops also have long handles that will allow you to remain upright while getting your floors spotlessly clean.
  5. Save Space – Steam mops require very little space. With a traditional mop, you have to find room to store the mop, a mop bucket, and several different cleaners. When switching to a steam mop, you only need enough storage space for the mop.

Making the switch from a traditional mop to a steam mop may be a difficult decision. There are so many different options available, and you want to ensure that you are getting a quality product. Before making your purchase, it is important to consider what you’re looking for in a steam mop. Once you know what you need, take the time to research some popular steam mops until you find one that you will be happy with.

Carpet cleaning that imprroves indoor air quality

Did you know that having dirty carpets can harm your breathing? Answer is yes.

if you suffer from allergies or asthma cleaning your carpets can help  .

Carpets are like a filter they collect dirt, bacteria ,grime and ect . Please contact us @ 954-549--0441

so the we can help you improve the air quality in your home.

service areas are from Miami , Pembroke Pines , Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas

Have you ever cleaned your grout?

You may not notice or you might just be used to the way it looks, but could it really be hiding a bunch of grime , dirt , bacteria , and germs? What about your kitchen counter? Call Extreme Steam to set up a free estimate.

we service all of south florida

Extreme Steam inc


Quick Tip On How To Remove Red Wine Stain After Your Halloween Party

Red wine stains!! We all love planning Halloween parties and we all love going to them as well.  What we dont like is that red wine spills on our carpet.  Heres 4 tips that will help remove that stain.

Treat spills emideitly as soon as you notice or your quest inform that they have spilled something on your carpet.  Blot as much of the liquid up as you possibly can.  If you happen to have white wine in hand dab some on the stain that will naturalize the color or use cooled water.

when wine is spilled on the carpet pour table salt and let stamd over night.  The salt will adsorb the liquid.  you might want to cover the salt with a plastic bowl to prevent from anyone steeping on it.  Afrer applying the salt the day prior vacuum up salt, mix one tablespoon of dish washing liquid and one tablespoon of vinegar into 2 cups of warm water.  Dip a sponge into mixture and bolt stain.  Contiune to bolt unitl wine stain disappears. Clean sponge and soak inwater so you can blot the area once again.  once you have redone dry area with paper towel.

when spilled on upholstery use the same process minus the vinegar.

This Weeks Tip on keeping your Tile and Grout Cleaned

Never use a sponge mop to clean your tile and grouted floors. it will pull

the dirt right into the grout lines. A micro fiber mop picks up all the dirt that

a sponge mop leaves behind.

2013 Miami Award in the Carpet Cleaning & Repair
Press Release


Extreme Steam Receives 2013 Miami Award

Miami Award Program Honors the Achievement

MIAMI May 15, 2013 -- Extreme Steam has been selected for the 2013 Miami Award in the Carpet Cleaning & Repair category by the Miami Award Program.

Each year, the Miami Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Miami area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2013 Miami Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Miami Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Miami Award Program

The Miami Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Miami area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Miami Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Miami Award Program

Miami Award Program
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mattress Cleaning Tips


It’s said that we spend 30% or more of our lives sleeping. Knowing this fact, you would want this one-third of your life to be spent somewhere that’s clean and comfortable! It’s important to do some maintenance "Mattress cleaning" to keep it fresh for a long time to come. In addition, any accidents that happen need to be cleaned properly to ensure that your mattress is as long-lasting as you would like.

Flip your mattress (as you should every 6-8 weeks), take a few moments to vacuum each face and the sides. Use the hose on your vacuum with its non-brush, hard surface attachment.This regular upkeep will go a long way towards keeping your mattress clean and comfortable. Use Dryer Sheets Keep Your Mattress Fresh. For a general fresh-smelling tip, be sure to place a few dryer sheets on the mattress before covering it with any bedding. This will help the mattress smell as fresh as it did fresh from the store.

Mattress Urine removal 

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. Whether it’s your young child or pet stains, it can be extremely frustrating to figure out just how to save the mattress because urine can destroy your matteress. The first step is to blot up as much of the wetness as possible with a dry towel. Lay a towel over the area and apply as much pressure as you can to absorb the urine from as deep in the mattress. Repeat until no more liquid is being release from the mattress. Next, spray (don’t pour) on a enzymatic cleaner designed especially for urine – these can be found at just about any grocery or home care store.Repeat the blotting process over the enzymatic cleaner until the towels comes up dry and white (this may take several repetitions). Finally, sprinkle baking soda over the entire area. The baking soda will help to eliminate any lingering odors and absorb remaining moisture. Leave the baking soda at least overnight, sometimes longer if the stain is larger. Then vacuum the baking soda from the mattress and use as normal.

Moisture Can Cause Mold

Moisture causes mold, and if you live in a colder climate, you may find your bedroom smelling a little musty. This could be from mildew deep inside your matteress. This type of mold can make you ill, so replace the matteress if possible, but in the meantime use a light sloution of bleach and water to kill any remaining mildew. Running a humidifier and/or fan in the room can help allieviate mildew further. Of course, the best thing for mildew is the sun, so if you can, drag your matteress out into the back yard and give it a good vaccuuming. Let it stand in the sun for a few hours to refreshen it.

Never Smoke In Your Bedroom

It's not recommended to ever smoke in bed, the smell being one of the least of your problems. But if you do, you could soon notice that the entire room smells like an ashtry. If this is the case, Take off all the sheets and sprinkle baking soda liberally all over the mattress. Let it set for the entire day, and then vaccuum up with the attachment.

Mattress Vomit Removal

Recovering from an illness can seem to zap all of your strength, and then you’re left with the less-than-charming task of clean-up. If your mattress was the unfortunate recipient of vomit. Use an enzymatic cleaner as described above to remove the vomit stain from the mattress. Then, allow the mattress to sit in the sun and use the sun’s antibiotic properties to kill any remaining germs. After all, this isn’t a cycle that you want to repeat any time soon!

By keeping your mattress fresh and clean, you’re not only helping yourself sleep well but you’re also helping to keep yourself healthy. A mattress that is stale and filled with foreign substances such as mold, germs, and dust mite can cause long-reaching health problems. Keep your mattress clean with these simple tips, and you’ll breathe more easily each night as you sleep.

If you feel the need to get your Mattress cleaned contact us at Extreme Steam our team will be happy to provide you with the Mattress Cleaning that fits your needs.

Easy Tips To Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Keeping air ducts clean can help keep indoor air quality healthy. Follow these simple tips to reduce dust and other build up in your air ducts.
Routine air filter maintenance is the most effective means of keeping your air ducts clean. Proper selection, routine exchange,
and the proper fit of you furnace filter will dramatically extend the longevity of your air duct cleaning.
Perform An Air Duct Inspection.Routine maintenance will ensure that your system is running at its peak efficiency,
and will prevent debris caused from mechanical neglect.
Limit Dust Indoors.The best way to limit dust in indoor air is to reduce the amount of dust you have indoors. Dust hard surfaces frequently.
Use a vacuum cleaner with a good filter and weekly vacuum all carpets and fabric furniture. Wash bedding, pets, and pet bedding, every week.
Limit indoor activities that create dust and never smoke indoors. If you feel the need to get your air ducts clean contact us at Extreme Steam our team will be happy to provide you with the best air duct service that fits your needs.
Keep your Grout Clean

Follow these tips for cleaner grout!

Grout stains can be difficult to remove. Grout by its own nature is very porous because of the sand in the mix. New grout should be sealed.

There are a number of sealants on the market so do some research before you buy. Be careful with high gloss finishes [Marble, Granite] as they can be sensitive to certain chemicals. Most sealants require re-applications and ultimately you will need to decide what is best for your needs.

There are quite a few home-remedies we run across over the years for removing grout stains. While many claim that their home-remedy is the best remedy, we figured that it would be nice to share some of the more reliable remedies we have run across.

One general rule-of-thumb that you’ll always want to employ is the “try before you buy”. apply this rule with each one of the following remedies with either a spare tile, or on a tile that’s not easily visible to traffic, although it takes up extra time to try things out. You’ll always save yourself a possible headache later.

It’s also a good idea that anytime you clean your grout lines with any remedy, home or store-bought, you should reseal the grout with a sealer. Some store-bought remedies claim they have sealers built-in (brings to mind grout colorants), some of these claims provide less than stellar results. Fortunately articles like this one combined with product reviews we find all over the Internet today help us all avoid the mistakes that others may have made.
Beware Of The Scams

Though there are countless upholstery cleaning companies these days, just one can't cheap the fact that there will always be people that are out to rip you off. Because of this it is very important go ahead and take needed safeguards in choosing a carpet cleaning company In this article are a number of helpful tips which might be employed to you when looking for the suitable carpeting cleaner.

1. Study nearby carpet cleaners.

It is vital that you research the upholstery cleaning companies that you speak to. Accomplished by searching on the Internet, verifying together with the Better Business Bureau, as well as dialing this company and asking them questions. It's also possible to choose to get word-of-mouth from your close friends, spouse and children, and acquaintances.

2. Search for lawful and respected upholstery cleaning companies.

Try to discover the most reliable cleaning companies to manage your carpeting issues. Look into customer opinions and customer feedback internet and at web sites like Customer surveys are commonly freely given all of which will help fresh paint a exact picture of your businesses work ethos and trustfulness.

3. Keep in mind the telltale signs and symptoms of a scam.

Keep in mind, when it appears to be far too great really, then it's. Avoid getting far too wrapped up in costs. This has become the surest strategies to steer clear of falling for another scam. Understand what expert services you online loan and find an itemized approximate. This can stop you from accruing and surprise rates.

4. Opt for Build it yourself cleaning processes for your rugs.

Find out about do-it-by yourself upholstery cleaning procedures. There are a number of natural home remedies for pretty much each carpeting matter. Discovering when and putting them to use could save you from requiring you to hire a specialist when it might be absolutely necessary.

Start using these simple guidelines for a standard to staying away from frauds. The top solution to staying away from frauds is to simply employ your good sense. If something appears to be below average, it possibly is. Research before you buy and hire only respected companies together with the suitable documentation. These companies usually are going to be the most reliable.

You cannot assume all carpet cleaners are rip-off performers. There's every chance that almost all of you will not encounter one of these brilliant deceitful figures.

Toxic Cleaning - Bad for the Environment and Your Family

Did you know the average American uses 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products each year? These cleaning products aren’t just terribly detrimental to the environment; they can negatively affect the health of you and your family members. Think about how you use cleaning products: they are sprayed into the air, poured into sinks, flushed down toilets, and dumped into landfills. When put into landfills or incinerated, the noxious ingredients from the cleaning products seep into soil and water, and cause harm to people and animals.  The harmful ingredients in cleaning products contain carcinogens, heavy metals, and nervous system depressants that contribute to allergy problems, respiratory issues, and even cancer. Below is a chart of toxic chemicals commonly found in cleaning products:

Phosphates Dishwasher & Laundry Detergent Phosphates cause algae bloom that is toxic to fish, plants, and people who drink the water.
Chlorine Bleach Detergents & Other Products They break down slowly in the environment and can build up in the fatty tissue of animals.
Napthas Furniture Polish They are neurotoxins that contaminate the air and water.
Phthalates Furniture Polish Cause genetic defects in humans and animals & disrupts hormones.
Formaldehyde Furniture Polish & Other Products Cancer causing in humans and animals.

Keep your family safe by making the switch to all natural non-toxic cleaning products. Items that are found in common household kitchens can be used as eco-friendly cleaning alternatives. Baking soda, cornstarch, isopropyl alcohol, lemon juice, and vinegar can all do double duty as natural cleaners. The eco-conscious options for cleaning products available in grocery stores keeps growing, so as a consumer it is becoming just as easy to pick up a non-toxic cleaning product when shopping.

A common worry when making the switch to all natural cleaners is they won’t work as well as the tried and true brands and products we have grown up with and become accustomed to. The truth is that often times plain old soap and water is the best cleaner of them all, and even the big name cleaning products can’t compete. Chemical cleaners can actually breed “super bacteria” that is resistant to soap and water. Toxic cleaning products warn you not to inhale or get near your eyes because they are so hazardous to your health. There are many eco-friendly products that you could safely ingest without harming your body. Also keep in mind that mixing chemical cleaners can be extremely harmful or even deadly. Mixing cleaners made with natural ingredients is not only safe, but it can sometimes make them even more powerful.

Make the switch to all natural cleaners to reduce the harm done to you, your family, and the environment. Using products from the earth won’t damage the earth the way toxic chemicals will. You’ll feel better knowing you’re being environmentally responsible in helping the water, soil, and air stay clean for your children, their children, and the generations to come.

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Extreme Steam can take on Any Job, Any Size, Any Time, Anywhere. Water Removal and Drying of floors, carpets, walls, wood, and ceilings are performed to the highest standards in the industry. Our equipment is continuously upgraded to advanced technology.

Best Price Guaranteed

Extreme Steam will beat any competitors written estimate. Many Cleaners will advertise a minimum rate that does not exist, Extreme Steam will never make up fictitious expenses once on site.

Green Carpet Cleaning

If you are considering cleaning green you should know what to look for in a green carpet cleaner. Its no mystery that heat and vacuum play an important role in how your carpet becomes clean and how fast it will dry. These 2 components are important in a Green Clean.

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