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We all get days when we look down at the floor and wonder how the carpeting acquired so many stains. Don't fret about those marks; if you live anywhere near Miami then give Miami carpet cleaning a call. Whether it is a living room carpet that is causing a problem or whether you own a business and need the flooring sorted out, Miami carpet cleaning is there to help.

If you are bothered by the chemicals used by so many professional clean companies, don't fret because Miami carpet cleaning can clean your carpets with effective, green cleaning agents. Businesses, especially hotels and restaurants, often require more than a clean carpet. When you have a large kitchen the air ducts can become blocked with dirt and grease over time. If you want a clean kitchen that will pass close inspection then you need air duct cleaners Miami. Get rid of all that accumulated grease and dirt that is not always visible to the naked eye and have the cleanest kitchen ducts in the hotel or restaurant business.

You don't have to actually live in Miami to use their carpet cleaning service as they deal with clients across the towns and cities of Florida. Let your friends wonder where you got the money to re-carpet your home because the aim of carpet cleaning Miami is to make sure that your carpets look as good as new. The company uses industrial strength equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to achieve immaculate results. If you are tired of looking at stained, color faded carpets, just give the company a call and get yourself a quote.

Miami carpet cleaning use products that will remove grease, oil and other stains from your carpets and rugs. A professional company will want to take a good look at your carpets and other items before the cleaning process, so that they know whether or not something is colour fast and what kind of treatment it will need. The company uses a quick drying cleaning method so you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about damp floors and/or chairs and sofas.

Whether it is in the home or in a hotel or restaurant, there is no doubt that over time upholstery starts to look grimy and uncared for. Most people don't like to tackle cleaning their upholstery because it is all too easy to get things too wet or to try and clean something that doesn't have a fast color. Miami carpet cleaning can give your upholstery and even your heavy curtains a real face lift. If you want a clean, fresh home for spring then give the professionals a call.


Any Size, Any Time, Any Place

Extreme Steam can take on Any Job, Any Size, Any Time, Anywhere. Water Removal and Drying of floors, carpets, walls, wood, and ceilings are performed to the highest standards in the industry. Our equipment is continuously upgraded to advanced technology.

Best Price Guaranteed

Extreme Steam will beat any competitors written estimate. Many Cleaners will advertise a minimum rate that does not exist, Extreme Steam will never make up fictitious expenses once on site.

Green Carpet Cleaning

If you are considering cleaning green you should know what to look for in a green carpet cleaner. Its no mystery that heat and vacuum play an important role in how your carpet becomes clean and how fast it will dry. These 2 components are important in a Green Clean.

Service Area

Our Offices cover the South Florida tri-county area.
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