Fix Up Your Carpet

Two of the most common fix ups that make a grand difference are for Water Damage Restoration and Odor Removal aside from the regular carpet shampoo.

Water Damage Restoration: Perhaps the most difficult problem to fix is exposure to water, particularly in the form of flooding. You may be able to save your carpet if you act promptly. Eliminate the source of the water, ventilate the room as best you can, set up as many fans as you possibly can, and immediately contact us to restore your carpet and save it from water logging.

Odor Removal: Whether as a result of flood or more insidious exposure to water or moisture, a foul odor is notoriously difficult to get rid of. You can't simply cover up or eliminate most carpet odors with conventional methods. Call in the commercial grade machinery for the removal of heavy moisture saturation. If we are unable to salvage your carpet due to the formation of mold we will recommend you replace your carpet for sanitary reasons.

Extend the life of your carpet and refresh your rooms with a carpet cleaning tailored to your needs.


Any Size, Any Time, Any Place

Extreme Steam can take on Any Job, Any Size, Any Time, Anywhere. Water Removal and Drying of floors, carpets, walls, wood, and ceilings are performed to the highest standards in the industry. Our equipment is continuously upgraded to advanced technology.

Best Price Guaranteed

Extreme Steam will beat any competitors written estimate. Many Cleaners will advertise a minimum rate that does not exist, Extreme Steam will never make up fictitious expenses once on site.

Green Carpet Cleaning

If you are considering cleaning green you should know what to look for in a green carpet cleaner. Its no mystery that heat and vacuum play an important role in how your carpet becomes clean and how fast it will dry. These 2 components are important in a Green Clean.

Service Area

Our Offices cover the South Florida tri-county area.
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